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This week I decided to look at the Sktechbook Project and see if I could knock out two tasks with one drawing. So this drawing is my first attempt at Graffiti Art.

I used the name JoJo as the double. JoJo is my nickname my friends give me. In highschool it was JoHaHa because I giggled all the time. Which resulted in lots of detentions. As an adult my nieces and nephews called me JoJo because Joanna was too hard. It somehow stuck.

Tonight I met my great nephew for the first time and his dad (my nephew) kept referring to me as Aunt JoJ0… I guess it will never go away.



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Well the idea was there but not executed as I would have liked. Its suppose to be a carved watermelon swan. I used new markers and they didn’t work as I had planned.

Still very much a novice but I find the challenge fun and it gets my creativness moving in other areas. 

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I will admit this started out better than it ended. But it was a found memory of my childhood. When reading the story below I must prefice it by saying I was raising in a racially unbiased family who believes nationality, race and even sexual preference makes as all unique not different.

When I was six we moved to a new neighborhood. My current neighborhood was made up of all white families. It was 1979 and a time of cultural division.

My mom said we were moving to a neighborhood with colored people. I think she quickly regretted the wording because she then said that they have different skin colors.

I was excited and said, “you mean red, blue, yellow and orange people?” She hesitated and said “mainly brown people darker than us”.

I went to the new neighborhood and my neighbor Ms. Pat saw me crying and asked what was wrong. I said “My mom lied. There are no colored people here.”

Ms. Pat who was African American laughted and said, “I’m colored.”

I thought she was crazy. “Your brown. Where are the red, blue and green people?”

She laughed and hugged me. It took me many years to realized what had transpired. My poor mom was mortified at what I said and yelled at me about saying colored. Which until this blog I have never said accept in the telling of this story.

My parents were the most accepting people of all races, nationalities and sexual preferences. Given that being American Indian ourselves many do not consider it a culture. So when my dad would sit on the porch smoking his pipe people thought he was odd.

I am glad that my parents raised me with an open and free mind. And in a wonderful neighborhood where we had Caucasian, African American, Chinese, Mixed Race Families and a Lesbian Couple.

It has allowed me to meet some great and wonderful people of all different cultures. This piece is dedicated to my childhood girlfriend LaToya Venable who was my first African American friend and someone who stood by me even when her friends called me “honky or whitey”.

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I have finally moved too that next level. Creating my own blog….Here goes nothing….

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